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Cool Bright Headlight Now To Shine into Dark Places
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Cool Bright Headlight Now To Shine into Dark Places

ROOBUCK™ has announced final certifications which allow its BUCKLITE™ to be used in Ex (Group I, Group IIC, Group IIIC) environments.

The ROOBUCK™ BUCKLITE™, 3 years in the making, offers cool operating underground mine and tunnel machine headlights. It can also be used for machine side lights, when passing branch tunnels, etc., and as a stand-alone portable unit.

ROOBUCK™ Company Spokesman, Mr Brent Percy, retired coalmine Electrical Engineer & Mines Electrical Trades Lecturer[also retired], stated that the imperative to deliver a new underground vehicle headlight was finally brought home when a NSW Mines Department Bulletin was issued. Clear warnings were given to Colliery Management to strictly monitor unacceptable heat generation observed in widely used Quartz Halogen units that were recorded as high as 140 degrees, and to immediately remove them from service. This was seen as a given opportunity to bring on ROOBUCK’s expertise in LED lighting development.

Mr Hanson Chen, Director of ROOBUCK, confirmed in an unveiling of the ROOBUCK™ TRUCKLITE, that the primary purpose was to produce, as quickly as possible, an IECEx Certified Trucklight, or Boga Headlamp, that would function at much cooler temperatures, whilst delivering substantially superior lighting at reduced energy demands. ROOBUCK’s expertise sprang from its allied Certified Caplamp production company KINYUN AUSTRALIA. Mr Chen said “We didn’t fully realise the enormity of this task, it looked simple enough, but there were many intricacies that challenged us afresh along the way, together with compounding time delays, nearly exhausting us,” continuing, “but we never gave up on our vision, we were just a little Aussie-battler company attempting to fill a big need.” Finally he said, “We wanted to give, to the underground mining industry in particular, what we believed we could. Australia is a great country and has been good to us, so we want to give back to Australia, and now we take this product to the wider world, where it is much needed, having been designed to satisfy both MSHA and IECEx requirements; our only regret, is that it has taken too long to get here”.

 ROOBUCK™ Global Business Development Manager, Mr Richard Barton, added “Ever since we attended the USA 2014 Vegas International Mining Conference and Expo we have been in discussion with key personnel both in MSHA, as well as attending those at UL Headquarters near LA, to present our unique Australian company products and planned export of the BUCKLITE™, and other following items in demand, shortly into America.”

Contact: ROOBUCK 02 9938 1550 Product Brochure RBLA1-Bucklite

6/20 West Street, BROOKVALE NSW 2100

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