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Dash Dishes the Distance for Kids
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Dash Dishes the Distance for Kids

This was originally published by Sentient.

Welcomed by doctors around Australia, a game created by Perth based VR/3D visualisation company Sentient Computing, Social Distance Dash, has been released as restrictions ease. The game, a webbased challenge to run some toilet paper to grandma, endeavours to help kids from 7-15 years understand and navigate social distancing rules and hygiene.

Through the game, children are transported to a virtual street path to walk past people and collect hand sanitiser credits on the way to grandma. Additionally, they are asked to select a reaction from multiple choice scenarios.

Doctors around Australia have released a video widely praising the game. Dr Patrick Mosse, a GP in Sydney is thrilled to see such innovation help families at a confusing time.

“We need to start the conversation with our kids as the restrictions lift and we send them out into the community: to school, on their bike and playing with other kids.”

Dr Prachi Dadeech a GP in Melbourne continued, “It’s so important for our kids to mix with others for their development and for their mental health.”

Dr Bonnie Darlow, a GP Registrar in the Gold Coast added, “However, things ARE different, and we need to give them confidence but also the boundaries.

Dr Harmeet Singh, a GP in Perth concluded, “This game does a great job of teaching our kids on their terms.”

The game came about when the Sentient team realised they could use their skills and time to make a difference during the covid-19 outbreak. Funding support came from a National Energy Resources Australia grant program recognising Sentient’s talent and skill normally applied to the Mining and Oil and Gas industry.

Leonie Yann Project Manager at Sentient Computing explains that artists and developers were excited to work on something so useful and constructive in these uncertain times.

“Like many of our briefs, it is a scenario that can be simulated to create a learning environment – so we quickly realised that we could play a role in educating the public,” said Ms Yann.

“Like us all, children learn much better by doing rather than reading or being told what to do, so we have been happy to help parents.”

By creating virtual reality and fully interactive 3D experiences, Sentient produces high quality output fast with innovative exposure to new technologies. With a valued, locally sourced team, they have become well known for their agility.

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