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METS Thrive
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METS Thrive

The COVID pandemic has permanently changed the way the mining industry operates. While the challenges are undeniable, this also means there is a new operating environment that can hold exciting opportunities for METS companies to innovate and grow both domestically and globally.

Join us for a METS Thrive workshop to explore industry changes and diagnose your business's readiness to thrive in this environment. 

Changes in the Mining Industry

Major changes in the mining industry with ongoing implications for METS companies include:

  • New ways of interacting with customers, in terms of product and service delivery and business development;
  • New approaches to operations;
  • Increased focus on innovation and expedition of advancements in safety, connectivity, automation and remote monitoring;
  • Prioritisation and implementation of new health and safety protocols and procedures in workplaces and on mine sites.

METS Thrive

To assist METS companies navigate this new operating environment and ensure they showcase their expertise, Austmine has created METS Thrive. METS Thrive is a facilitated workshop using an online questionnaire that will help diagnose your strengths, opportunities and risks within the current COVID and future post-COVID environments.

Austmine will be hosting workshops led by industry experts to assess your company’s readiness to embrace the future environment.

METS Thrive Workshops will help you:

  • Understand what COVID changes to mining operations and new business models mean to your business;
  • Understand what the changes mean for your customers and where the customer's pain points are;
  • Discuss ways of addressing these customer pain points through product, service and business model innovation;
  • Understand what and where your risks are;
  • Develop strategies to mitigate these risks.

Immediately after the workshop you will receive a bespoke diagnostic report summarising your company’s improvement opportunities.

Workshop Schedule 

Register for a METS Thrive workshop below:

1st December - Workshop - In-person workshop in Newcastle

4th December - Workshop - Online


Entrepreneurs' Programme

The METS Thrive initiative is being run in conjunction with the Entrepreneurs' Programme.


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