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Minemax Planner 4.1 with Risk Analysis Released
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Minemax Planner 4.1 with Risk Analysis Released

Minemax is very pleased to announce the release of Minemax Planner version 4.1 with Risk Analysis functionality that allows businesses to account for financial and grade uncertainty associated with their mine plans. Further Minemax Planner 4.1 enhancements include the definition of slope regions from block model attributes and minor bug fixes.

Minemax Planner is a fast, easy-to-use tool for high level project evaluation that enables companies to quickly understand the potential value of projects with minimum time investment. The new Risk Analysis workflow is a unique tool utilizing industry standards for risk analysis which has not been implemented within mine planning software ever before.

Risk Analysis is a standard feature of Minemax Planner Professional or is an option for the Minemax Planner Standard edition. Expanding upon the current functionality, it includes the following benefits for users:

  • Analyze the robustness of their mine plan to variations in financials (revenues, costs and recoveries) using Monte Carlo simulation techniques
  • Analyze the impact that variations in grade have on various mine plan KPIs using conditionally simulated models

In particular, users can analyze KPI risk profiles to assess where their pit shells, pushbacks and/or mine schedule sit from a risk perspective, and to understand the effects of uncertainty in key input factors such as grade, costs, recovery and product price. KPI risk distributions are also available to assess the probability of various KPI values (NPV, ore and grade) with respect to the mine plan.

To find out more about the Risk Analysis functions, click below to view a short video of Minemax Planner for rapid high-level project evaluation with risk analysis.


You can also download a new demo version with updated tutorials that step you through the full range of Planner capabilities, including Risk Analysis.

If you would like to evaluate the full version of Minemax Planner using your own data, contact Minemax.

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