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Saying NO to Opportunities
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Saying NO to Opportunities

Further to my last article, I would like to add on to my ideas about how to best grow your business in the mining sector. Yes, you know it’s about getting sales, and yes, it’s imperative to deliver on what you promised. One thing we may be forgetting is when to say “NO” to the prospective client.

You see if we live in scarcity, we hang onto every opportunity that comes along, and when I say hang on, I mean it can go on for years. I have been engaging with a business owner that had been chasing an opportunity for five years, living in hope. When I asked, “What could he have done differently?” – well, the blank look said it all, and I am afraid this happens all too often.

We should just say NO. The time, energy and focus we put on the opportunity that don’t transpire ultimately results in less time, energy and focus on someone who does want your solution, NOW! You cannot be in both places at the same time – I’ve tried it, can’t seem to make it work.

So many times I’ve heard, “They are keen, they are interested, it’s been months though and still nothing is progressing, but they are interested.”

If a prospect says they are interested, well that is it – interested. It does not mean they want and need to buy your product/service NOW.

Don’t take this the wrong way; no one needs your products/service, they are doing just fine right now with what they have. Yes, they would maybe be better/more productive/save money if they implemented your solution, right now however they are “just fine.” The only think that will alter this is their MOTIVATION to CHANGE.

We all complain about things in our lives, make excuses and so on. Despite this, we keep on doing the same thing. It’s not UNTIL it becomes so painful to keep doing whatever is creating a problem for us that we will say ENOUGH. That is when the motivation hits its peak, and that is when we will finally change.

So, “I’m interested” is not a motivational statement. “I must have this!” is.

The exciting thing is you can get people to the “I must have it” stage in the first meeting. Yes, that’s right. It takes skill and understanding, AND it’s not about boring them to tears over all your technical specifications and how great your solution is and can be.

Now you ‘Spock’ people out there may want to tell me I am talking rubbish. Before you do that, not only is the research against you, biology is, AND your OWN experiences will confirm this.

If you think about a time when you bought something that you did not mean to buy at the time, it’s because you got your emotions high and your logic went low. Your emotion was that you needed it now. Remember when you were later questioned on why you bought it now? The excuses sounded very logical, “It was on sale for only a short time,” “it was a one off,” “I needed it NOW!”

So, next time someone says I am interested, ask yourself this – “Are they just saying this to get rid of me, are they just curious, do they have nothing else to do than waste my time? What question should I ask to find out exactly how motivated they are to change from what they are currently using/doing?”

Want to know the questions you could ask? SG Partners has it covered in our upcoming Super Sales Clinic in April. Until then reach out to me if you want to banter to improve your win/loss ratio, gain even more successful engagements, create more opportunities and grow your margins.
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