Wednesday, 2 December 2020
Industry Q&A: Continuous Improvement Driving Success and Sustainability
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Industry Q&A: Continuous Improvement Driving Success and Sustainability

In the current industry environment, Australian METS are facing considerable pressures to decrease costs but ensure the same or better quality of product. However, there are signs that the sector is beginning to pick-up, with increasingly optimistic language from senior mining leaders. Austmine recently caught up with Gillis Broinowski, Chairman, Texo Australasia to understand what operational procedures and strategies can lead to success in the current market and ensure sustainability into the future.  

1.       Texo works with clients on a Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) for a range of applications in the mining sector. How important has this productivity and cost focus been for clients in the current climate? What results have been achieved through these programs? 

Costs are a priority for our clients but they can't sacrifice quality, so we try to help our clients by suggesting improvements to the way in which our REOCO-fibres are incorporated in the concrete with the right admixtures appropriate for shotcreting of tunnel linings.

By working with clients in this way, we have managed to retain their business and we are hopeful that our record will spread to other mining operations. Word-of-mouth is our best reference.

2.       Texo are active in a range of industries including civil construction, mining, water management and more. What lessons or processes have you been able to take from another sector and successfully implement them into your mining products and services? How important has diversification been for Texo throughout the mining downturn?

Whilst the mining sector has declined, with regard to future development mining has not stopped and demand for our products still exists. Growth certainly slowed and therefore diversification has enabled us to maintain our strength as a company and therefore continue to service our mining clients with the confidence of continuity. We are very much involved with infrastructure projects and commercial building using many of the same products that we would sell to the mining companies plus more, such as our Aquacomb water storage system.

3.       How have major innovations and advanced technologies impacted your offerings and day-to-day operations at Texo? What initiatives have you pursued in this field?

We continue to develop new products and improvements to existing products. This particularly applies to our range of REOCO-fibres. For instance, in certain applications we can offer 100-year life. We also have a range of innovative fibres suitable for precast structures, concrete flooring, roadways and water conservation projects.

4.        Texo work closely with clients to ensure that they derive the optimal benefits from your products and services. How important is collaboration in ensuring the mining sector’s long-term sustainability? How can METS leverage this better?

Working closely with clients is vital for our company because conditions in mines vary as the drive progresses and we must be available and willing to discuss change quickly and efficiently. Client relations and collaboration through the whole management structure is a necessity if we are to fulfil our role properly.

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