Wednesday, 8 July 2020
Interoperability Alignment Report
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Interoperability Alignment Report

The Global Mining Guildlines Group (GMG) recently published their Interoperability Alignment Report.

Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems, components, or processes to exchange contextualized information so that they can act on this information to achieve business and operational outcomes. This is a requirement for the mining industry to benefit from advanced digital technologies that enable more productive, safe and cost-effective mines. It has, however, been very difficult to achieve due to a lack of alignment throughout the industry.

GMG has established a strategy to coordinate an industry vision and collaborative drive for interoperability as part of the Interoperability and Functional Safety Acceleration Strategy (IFSAS). This process begins with mining company alignment.

A clear, unified voice from mining companies will provide the input METS companies and industry organizations require to adapt and develop new tools and processes effectively.

This report captures the consensus among 17 mining companies gathered through in-depth interviews and workshops. The content used in these interviews and workshops is from the draft GMG Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Guideline, the result of many workshops held around the word over the past two years with 120 participating companies.

There was alignment on the following six guiding principles:
  • Industry priority and importance: Industry alignment on priorities and their level of importance is critical to the success of widespread, sustainable interoperability.
  • Data: In order to be interoperable, a data interface needs to be self-describing and conform to published open standards.
  • Control: Interoperability is a key enabler in the optimal operation and integration of control systems.
  • Cybersecurity: Interoperable systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and the requirements for secure, effective systems need to be considered.
  • Safety: Interoperability features, elements and processes must not compromise built-in safety features below the existing level of safety. They must follow established industry regulations, security requirements, and safety standards.
  • Governance/certification: A robust and proactive governance framework will determine the effectiveness and sustainability of interoperability initiatives.

Please visit GMG to download their Interoperability Alignment Report.


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