Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia's Tech Talk - Geosynthetics as Sensors
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Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia's Tech Talk - Geosynthetics as Sensors

Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd uses graphene to develop smart materials for large infrastructure, including roads, buildings, dams & mines, to improve efficiency, safety and productivity. Sensing infrastructure allows structural health monitoring, vehicle & personnel tracking and improves quality assurance.

imgne X3 is an electrically conductive geotextile that is used to detect holes in coal seam gas waste storage ponds and tanks during construction, providing improved quality control at lower cost and complexity than existing solutions. imgne X3 has been commercialised in association with Geofabrics, Australia's largest geosynthetics producer.

Using the electrical conductivity of graphene combined with it's high sensitivity to strain, Imagine has demonstrated large area real-time pressure and strain sensors that can be used under roads for traffic monitoring, in embankments, dams, mines and in buildings to detect movement and leaks. Graphene is very sensitive to water and can be used an a leak detection and location system, providing early warning of leaks in tanks, roofs, dams and canals.

Smart composite materials can be used as parts in complex machinery, monitoring the health and efficiency of critical parts in high value equipment. Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing rely on maximising real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes and supply chains. Imagine smart composite materials reduce maintenance and downtime and improve efficiency.

The amazing properties of graphene are slowly being tamed to produce practical and scalable solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems. Imagine is focused on smart materials and is one of the few companies generating revenue from graphene-based products. Our view on commercialisation is on the realities of large-scale production and minimising the amount of change required by manufacturers to benefit from graphene. Our plant in Geelong has a 10 tonne per annum capacity and we are expanding from our base in Australia into the USA and Europe.


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