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Mining influencers shed light on what they’re looking forward to most at Austmine 2015
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Mining influencers shed light on what they’re looking forward to most at Austmine 2015

With Austmine just over two months away, Mining IQ caught up with three of the keynote speakers to find out what they are most looking forward to at Australia’s largest mining event and what delegates can take away from their sessions…

Paul Lucey, Head of Engineering and Projects, Gold Fields

“At Austmine, the intention is to give a demonstration of the technology and where we’re at, as well as provide background into the journey of how we actually got to where we are. The approach we will be exploring is very different to what you’re likely to find anywhere else.”

Barry Fitzgerald, CEO, Roy Hill

“From a Roy Hill perspective  there are two things which we need to do at Austmine. The first is obviously to provide insight to the rest of industry about alternative ways of delivering things. We hope that some of the lessons we've learned and some of the approaches we have taken  will be of use to other parts of industry. In additional, we also hope to learn something as well, so I think there is an overall benefit of sharing and learning at Austmine.

Australia does face significant productivity issues and we need to work and share amongst us as a community different ways of addressing productivity. Austmine provides the big benefit of having a broader social discussion on these matters.”

Fred Hess, CEO, PanAust

“One of the things I’ve found at each of the times I’ve been at an Austmine conference, is there is a broad range of suppliers and producers there and it provides a great opportunity to meet a lot of people who you haven’t met before who seem to be doing things you haven’t thought about before. It provides a lot of usefulness to your business.

Austmine is a great forum I found and one of the great benefits is finding out what’s going on around the place, and seeing where people have similar challenges to you. It provides the opportunity to talk to them about that, but also it just excites me to see the growth in the mining industry and sorts of things that mining is doing from a technology perspective.”

With the mining industry currently going through some of the biggest challenges its ever seen, Austmine is a must not be missed event for those looking to take advantage of the opportunities bought about by these challenges and changes.

Bringing together over 40 senior level speakers from leading mining, engineering and service provider firms around the world, Austmine 2015 will explore the roles innovation and technology are playing in the sector to create new opportunities in mining.

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