Tuesday, 1 December 2020
Optika Solutions Announces Major New Deal with Woodside Energy
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Optika Solutions Announces Major New Deal with Woodside Energy

Austmine member, West Perth-based Optika Solutions today announced a major deal with global oil and gas company Woodside Energy Ltd.  The deal will see Optika Solutions working closely with Woodside to develop innovative technology to support their business.

Optika Solutions has been providing consulting services to the mining, energy and finance industries in Australia since 2007. In 2014 they launched their Cloud-based, decision support and modeling environment software application, Akumen.

Akumen has been developed specifically to bring together the best technologies of advanced analytics and simulation modeling.  Akumen’s unique advantage is its capacity to process vast quantities of data, be it data at rest (what has happened in the past), data in action (what is happening now) and data with potential (insight into the future landscape) which offers clients a superior tool to manage, model and represent data relevant to their business at any point in time.

Optika Solutions CEO, Prof Steve Hannah said “In the current market, insight and reliable data analysis and scenario modelling is even more crucial for Executives and Boards to make decisions. In a changing global market, having reliable, accountable and actionable insight into business performance is crucial.  We are proud to offer that service through the application of Akumen, and our world-class consultants at Optika Solutions“ 

For more information about Optika Solutions ‘Akumen’ product please visit:  www.akumenonline.com

For Optika Solutions interview opportunities or further information on this release please contact:

Nicole Walker
Optika Solutions
0422 992 997 


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