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Optimise Fragmentation with Split-ShovelCam
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Optimise Fragmentation with Split-ShovelCam

​Above Image: ShovelCam, TruckCam and Split-Online. Credit: Split Engineering.

Split Engineering recently produced a paper and presentation on optimising fragmentation. They explain the comminution chain, the benefits of optimising fragmentation and how a split-shovel cam can improve productivity as well as providing mine-to-mill case studies and statistics.

Paper Abstract

Comminution, being the energy intensive part of a mining operation receives much scrutiny by cost controllers, CEO’s, investors and others as the mining industry goes “back to basics” to reverse the decline in productivity which occurred during the mining super cycle.

Blasting is the first and lowest cost per ton stage in the comminution value chain. The basic principle that effective blast design can optimise fragmentation from the Run of Mine (ROM) ore muck pile to improve productivity through digging, loading and crushing to grinding and increase mine site profits has been well documented.

Benefits of controlling fragmentation in the blast include reduced wear on equipment, faster loading, increased truck loads while detecting oversize rocks at the muck pile can reduce the frequency of a blocked primary crusher.

A second basic principle is a measure of particle size distribution (PSD) at each unit operation in the comminution cycle allows engineers to manage blast design to produce fragmentation in the ROM ore most suitable to optimise downstream unit processes to improve mine site productivity and profits.

Split-Online® systems have measured PSD of rocks on conveyors from the primary crusher to the SAG mill for over 20 years. Split-Engineering partnered with various mining companies to develop Split-ShovelCam® to automatically measure fragmentation from shovels and excavators working the ROM muck pile.

This paper takes the reader “Back to Basics” by discussing the use of real time fragmentation analysis at the muck pile as an important parameter to optimise energy factors required for each blast.

Download the full paper here

Download the presentation here

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