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Real-time Monitoring, Control & Reporting Optimises a Recent Longwall move
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Real-time Monitoring, Control & Reporting Optimises a Recent Longwall move


First off it must be stressed, that though the following case study is about a coal mine, the principles behind it are applicable to optimizing the daily processes in a hard rock mine.

Tracking systems have been installed for a number of years at mines around the world.  Providing location data on personnel and equipment has given mines a useful tool to help manage their assets and to enhance their safety systems.

However, it has become increasingly obvious that location data by itself will remain just useful, rather than actively contributing to the mine’s operating processes – that is giving a clear Return on Investment (RoI).

Recognising this MST has concentrated in expanding its tracking solution into the mine’s core business processes.  This was done by further processing the basic location data through applications to meet specific business requirements.

The most recent example has been the embedding of the MST Tracking and Communication solution into the longwall relocation at a Queensland coal mine.


-  Manage the move PROACTIVELY

-  Provide real-time visibility of all Powered Roof Supports (PRS).

-  Provide real-time visibility of critical assets.

-  Improve communication between key personnel.


Reviewing the reasons for non-conformance to plan of previous moves clearly indicated;

-  That real-time visibility of PRS location will enable pro-active decisions to save time across a range of roles and tasks

-  Improved communication will minimise delays in a range of in-shift tasks & unforeseen requirements


-  All PRS’ tagged and numbered

-  MineDash monitoring  of movements on screen

-  MineDash applies business rules to identify & alarm on task non-conformance

-  Disseminate alerts, alarms & other information in real-time via voice & text to MinePhones and email

-  PRS, other assets, CABA & DPM access control, & visitor management streamlined


The longwall relocation was achieved on schedule. Delays that made previous moves take longer than scheduled were eliminated or more swiftly managed, including:

-  “Lost” PRS’s by real-time tracking

-  “Lost” support vehicles & equipment by tracking

-  Communication delays dramatically reduced by use of mobile telephones (MinePhones)

-  Breakdown & Maintenance delays reduced to automated alerts & alarms to the responsible personnel


The embedding of MST personnel & technologies into the longwall move process proved very successful in monitoring, reporting and managing the relocation.

The tracking & communication technologies went from being just useful tools to core process support systems. 


This case study was originally published by Mine Site Technologies.

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