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Virtual Supplier Development Program - Peru: Future Challenges
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Virtual Supplier Development Program - Peru: Future Challenges

Below are upcoming challenges that will be added to the Virtual Supplier Development Program - Peru in the near future.

Challenge: Ore Sorting Optimized Blasting

During the ore sorting process the particle size must meet the machine requirements so it can be sorted effectively. This is often in the range of 10 mm to 125 mm.

A solution is required to find a way to ensure that the majority of particles coming out of the mine are within the sortable size range and that this output can be obtained consistently on an underground operation.

The main objective is to increase the average particle size during the mining process so that the particles below 10 mm are reduced as much as possible (the oversize can be handled with crushing in a later stage).

Water Management

Challenge: Eliminating Water Dependency in Gold Mining and Processing

Due to its remote location, water conveyance to the site is very problematic and economically unattractive. The current method of extracting gold from bulk ore by heap leaching is water intensive and significant water losses occur through evaporation. Therefore,  an alternative process is required.

The company is also interested in developing processes to extract gold ore that are cost-effective and eliminate, or at least minimise, the dependency on water.

Challenge: Sealing of mine portals

An innovative and cost-effective solution is required to install impermeable mine portal plugs to prevent mine water from seeping out of them. The water must be treated "perpetually" before discharge in order to comply with permissible limits.

Challenge: Impermeable covers

A solution is required to install impermeable covers on closed mine pit walls, waste rock facilities and leaching pads to prevent acid water generation and having to treat this water "perpetually" before discharge.

Virtual Supplier Development Program Peru:

For more information on the Virtual Supplier Development Program in Peru see our program webpage.

To stay up to date with international and domestic supply opportunities, view more challenges here.

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