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Want to find the right skills, for the right job at the right Time? Step Forward MyPass Global
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Want to find the right skills, for the right job at the right Time? Step Forward MyPass Global

Guest Contributor: Pete Buckley, Chief Customer Officer, MyPass Global

Last week I was lucky to be a guest presenter on Austmine HR webinar hosted by Ross Carter. As a new Austmine member, it was a really interesting discussion focused on the recruitment and retention of talent in difficult markets. As Chief Customer Officer at MyPass, I spend a lot of my time talking to customers and hearing their challenges first hand so the webinar was an ideal place for me to learn more about increasingly common challenges that I hear our customers flagging.

To elaborate, common problems can be summarised as follows:

  1. Tracking and managing compliance. Currently it’s done through multiple spreadsheets with manual data entry, leading to errors in worker data and qualification verification, which can put the business at risk.
  2. Finding verified workers for contract work is hard and getting harder due to shortages of skilled workers across multiple sectors – resources, building and construction to name a few. So actively building a talent pipeline is critical.
  3. Operating margins are getting slimmer, how can we use technology to streamline operations and reduce pressure on the bottom line?
  4. There is a disconnect between employers, who are discovering historical practices and processes no longer cut it, and workers, who want more transparent communications from employers.

Our platform, created by our founder Matt Smith, can address all of these challenges and more.

MyPass delivers a streamlined workforce management experience, minimising risk by:

  1. Ensuring worker qualifications are verified to industry standard.
  2. Simplifying the process of recruitment, onboarding and contractor management – we’ve seen savings of up to 70% in admin time and costs.
  3. Giving workers control of their data, meaning greater connectivity to employers, training institutions, employers and sites without the need for manual re-keying, a critical source of data errors.

Since 2017, when we launched, we’ve been steadily growing across New Zealand and Australia. In that time Matt, and more recently myself, have spent a lot of time listening to our customers and workers to understand where we can be most effective.

Many companies are embarking on impressive digital transformation programmes and our product firmly addresses the talent challenge to not only improve operating costs and margins, but more importantly, find the right skills, for the right job at the right time. The war for talent has only just started and so many people we speak to are looking for new ways to not only find short term contract workers but retain them over the long term. MyPass gives organisations the tools to do just that, find and recruit new workers, and with the right employee communications, build lasting relationships.

As we learn more, we’re updating the platform and in May we’ll be launching some significant changes.  For workers, for example, creating a profile has been simplified as we know over 60% our audience are often working remotely and managing multiple contracts through their mobile. We’ve made the sign-up process simpler and they can share their profile with potential employers through just one link – no more clogging up the inbox and endless searching for documentation. And for business owners, we’ve centralised worker comms through one channel. Think Instant Messenger on steroids!  The aim is to take the pain out of multiple emails, texts and calls, giving transparency to both parties through the process.

If you would be interested to learn more, please contact me directly at pbuckley@mypassglobal.com, I’m keen to understand your business and the challenges you face, and potentially outline how MyPass can help solve them.

And thanks again to those who joined last week’s webinar, I’m looking forward to getting to know the Austmine community. We’re working with the likes of UGL and Downer currently, and I’m keen to learn more about the mining sector. I’ll be at the Austmine Conference in May in Brisbane, so hit me up if you’ll be there too, always great to meet and talk directly. And to watch the webinar visit here.

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