Friday, 27 November 2020
Webinar Recording: Workforce Planning & Supply Chain Logistics for METS

Webinar Recording: Workforce Planning & Supply Chain Logistics for METS

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Austmine was joined by Ron Spiteri, Executive Director, TXM Lean Solutions for a webinar on Workforce Planning & Supply Chain Logistics. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed enormous stresses on supply chains causing major issues around the globe but also providing unseen opportunities for growth with a new way of thinking.

Workforce Planning and Supply Chain Logistics & Management are becoming the focus for more businesses with the need to coordinate and mobilise resources more effectively, implement manufacturing and supply chain contingencies and reduce freight expenses.

In this webinar, Ron utilised his experience at TXM Lean Solutions to instruct METS companies on: 

  • Sourcing options
  • Understanding internal capabilites
  • Workforce planning, mobilisation and optimisation 
  • Supply chain logistics & management 
  • Understanding the true cost of goods and services sold 

For more information about TXM Lean solutions see their website

View Recording | Download Slides

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