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Austmine Innovation Mentoring Program 2020
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Austmine Innovation Mentoring Program 2020

The Austmine 2020 Innovation Mentoring Program is now open for applications.
Contact sheldon.varcoe@austmine.com.au for more information. 

Innovation is critical to the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) industry and will secure the sustainable future of mining. There is a need to foster individuals who truly embrace and champion innovation. In response to this need, Austmine has developed the Austmine Innovation Mentoring Program.

As we adjust to the new working environment and implications from COVID-19, it is an important time to re-focus on professional development and enhance your long-term growth. This will also mean that the Innovation Mentoring Program will be delivered with a greater digital footprint.  

The program is designed to shape the numerous skills required for innovators to succeed in today’s fluid market environment. The mentoring sessions will guide participants’ general understanding of innovation, including ideation, strategy, commercialisation and implementation. Personal development, career enhancement and skills growth are the major goals of the program for participants and also for our mentors.

Confirmed Mentors for the 2020 Program Include:

  • Chris Cornish, Manager Strategic Development, Downer
  • Andrew Howie, Head of Asset Projects - OIympic Dam, BHP
  • Tom Hunter, Director, Tom Hunter & Associates
  • Andrew Scott, Principal Innovator, Symbiotic Innovations
  • Christian Larsen, CEO, GlassTerra
  • Jon Lorraine, Chair & Founder, Core Group
  • David Pichanick, Global Markets Development & Innovation Manager, Austin Engineering
  • Clytie Dangar, General Manager, Commercialisation, CRC ORE
  • Dallas Wilkinson, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Dennemeyer IP

Please note it costs $1000+GST to participate in this program, and you must be ready and prepared to COMMIT your time to your mentor! 


  • You will receive a minimum of 10 hours’ one-on-one mentoring with an innovation expert within the METS sector.

  • You have access to an additional five hours’ group training and guidance through face-to-face and online sessions.

  • You are provided with the opportunity to gain insights from experienced mentors who work in a different company to your own, with alternative and objective perspectives and real-world practical advice.

  • Your chance to become part of an innovation community, learning and collaborating together across Australia within the mining and METS sectors.


We’ve had mentees sign up around Australia with all levels of experience, seniority and roles. Age and position are irrelevant in becoming a mentee: from graduates, through to senior manager and up to Managing Directors – we’ve had them all go through the program and benefit from participation. The key requirements for participating are:

  • A true passion for innovation
  • A passion for personal development and growth in the arena of innovation
  • A desire to build your industry innovation connections

"It has been a privilege to be part of Austmine’s mentoring program; I thoroughly enjoyed working with my mentor and learning from her vast experience. I have benefited in a variety of areas in my work and work practices as well as gaining valuable insights personally and in voluntary roles I play outside of the workplace."

Derek Vincent, Geobank Technical Product Manager,  MICROMINE (Mentee)



  • This is your opportunity to give back to your industry. You will have advanced in your career with the support of others, and Austmine’s program will allow you to now give back in kind. Shaping the next generation of innovators will be another achievement you can proud of.
  • Gain access to exciting minds with fresh perspectives, from a different company background to your own. Whilst participants are predominantly there to learn from you, you may learn a thing or two along the way also!
  • Individual recognition as a leader for innovation within mining and METS. Whether it is a passion for the big picture, strategic, technical or operational innovation, our chosen mentors will be promoted nationally and endorsed by Austmine as true supporters of innovation.
  • Your chance to become part of an innovation community, learning and collaborating together across Australia within the mining and METS sectors.

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