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Supply Opportunities

Supply Opportunities

Austmine exists to develop the Australian METS sector and provide growth opportunities and value to our members so they can achieve greater success.

As part of our ongoing efforts, the team is now working with strategic industry partners to provide members with exclusive supply opportunities both domestically and internationally. 

Please keep checking back for updates and new supply opportunities.


Domestic Opportunities

Austmine is working with BHP to provide Australian METS with opportunities to submit solutions to their current operational challenges. If you would like to sign up for the Supplier Innovation Program and receive notifications about upcoming challenges, please fill in the form here.

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International Supply Opportunities

EXPANDE's Open Innovation in Mining Program provides members with fantastic opportunities to submit a solution to miners' current challenges and have the chance to become part of a pilot project. Austmine is working alongside EXPANDE to open these opportunities to our members. Challenges are focused around topic areas and can be found below.

Size Reduction Systems for Handling Large Rocks in Mining Operations

Austmine Limited 0 540

Deadline: Monday 11th May 2020

EXPANDE invites you to prequalify for a new Challenge of the company Escondida Mine “Size reduction systems for handling large rocks in mining operations”.

Solutions are sought to reduce (break, split, crack) the size of the rocks in the loading face, to improve their haulage and subsequent crushing.

Online Characterization of the Ore Fed to Rougher Flotation

Austmine Limited 0 741

Deadline: Monday 25th May 2020.

EXPANDE invites you to prequalify for a new challenge of BHP's Escondida Mine "Online characterization of the ore fed to Rougher Flotation".

Technological solutions are sought to characterize the feed to the rougher flotation mineralogically and physically, determining both microscopy and the size distribution for each type of copper sulphide (floatable and non-floatable) online and in real time.

Cleaning in Conveyor Systems

Austmine Limited 0 393

Deadline: Monday 25th May 2020.

EXPANDE invites you to prequalify for a new challenge of BHP's Escondida and Spence Mines "Cleaning in conveyor systems and increasing their continuity".

Solutions are sought that allow for the cleaning of conveyor belt systems without requiring a stop in operation. The cleaning of the following components is considered: belts, structures, pulleys, tail pulleys, heads, aisles and floors, among others.

Ensure the mechanical stability of a tailings dump

Austmine Limited 0 260

Deadline: Monday 8th June 2020.

EXPANDE invites you to prequalify for a new challenge of Antofagasta Minerals' Antucoya Mine “Ensuring the mechanical stability of a gravel dump”.

Due to the presence of a high quantity of fines and humidity in the reclaimed tailings, the material has a low resistance for the transit of equipment and installation of the infrastructure, therefore, an activity has been incorporated that ensures the load capacity in specific areas of the tailings dump.

Vibration Reduction in Blasting in Open Pit Mine

Austmine Limited 0 253

Deadline: Monday 8th June 2020.

EXPANDE invites you to prequalify for a new challenge of Teck's Carmen de Andacollo Mine “Reduction of vibration produced by blasting in open pit mine”.

During the extraction of minerals in open pit mines, blasting operations are carried out producing shock waves and therefore vibration and noise that can be perceived by the inhabitants of nearby settlements. Vibration levels will depend on a number of factors and variables that mining planning must consider.

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