Victoria METS Export Hub

The Victoria METS Export Hub is a new initiative designed for regional Victorian companies to help them develop and grow their export markets.

Victorian METS companies are internationally focused, technology driven and have a strength in manufacturing, making them well positioned to address the new technologies, services and strategies that are coming to the fore in mining. The Victoria METS Export Hub will form networks of METS companies and through providing linkages, connections, training and global market identification, will capitalise on existing strengths to build export opportunities for Victorian METS companies.

METS companies can be found all throughout Victoria with a major concentration in Melbourne and regional hubs in Ballarat, Bendigo, Stawell, Geelong and Latrobe Valley. Through connecting these regional and metropolitan METS centres, Hub members will have access to the latest supply chain developments and strategic insights. This will help businesses understand where they fit in the new modern mining paradigm, helping drive sustainability.

METS Export Hub Growth Program

The Victoria METS Export Hub is pleased to offer this program to Export Hub members. The initial program will be trialled in Bendigo with the intention of being rolled out to other regional areas in the near future.

The program consists of 4 interactive workshops which are designed to take your company to the next level by providing you with insights to global customers and then working through strategies to capture new opportunities. 


What does the Export Hub Provide?

The Victorian Export Hub Lead will work with the Hub members in the above regions to understand individual and regional strengths and capabilities. The Lead will provide or arrange export advice and guidance, training and mentoring depending on an individual company’s needs. Capabilities will then be matched to overseas market opportunities and connections developed between those markets and the Hub members. This includes: 

  • Virtual Mentoring – Increasing collaboration in the METS sector to accelerate key learnings for new and growing exporters from those who have been there and done that.
  • Export Advice and Guidance – On-line tools and linkages, and referrals to other relevant, existing training and business support programs. 
  • Export Capability Training – Based on participant needs and tailored to industry trends and market opportunities. 
  • Intensive Training – Focused on capturing specific export opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about the Victoria METS Export Hub, view the recording of our digital launch event where Austmine's VIC METS Export Hub Lead shared our vision.

View the digital launch event recording here:


Why Join the Victoria METS Export Hub?

  • The opportunity to network with other like-minded companies who are already export-focused or who are aiming to be
  • The opportunity to learn from companies with strong market presence within your region, in other regions or in metropolitan areas
  • Access to first-hand information regarding miners’ supply chain and procurement programs to understand where the opportunities are for your company
  • Make contacts with existing exporters to leverage global experience
  • Virtual mentoring from those who have been there done that
  • Individually tailored export training and advice
  • Links to other Government programs and funding
  • Representation at global mining events
  • Links to real global market opportunities and introductions

Who is Eligible?

The program is targeted at regional METS companies although any company supplying to the mining industry (or wishing to) and operating in Victoria is eligible. 


There is no fee to join the Hub. 

How do I Join?

Please contact Dale Thompson, VIC METS Export Hub Lead on 0407 819 522 or [email protected] for further information or to express interest in joining the Hub.


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Background Information

The Hub is being funded under the Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Export Hubs initiative. It is also being established in partnership with the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions which is contributing funding.

Statement of Activities

The project will establish the Victoria Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) Export Hub (the Hub) to accelerate entry into export markets by developing the capabilities of regional Victorian SME METS companies and linking them with international growth opportunities. The Hub will strengthen the competitive positioning of the sector and create export-focussed METS companies through building capabilities to address emerging needs of customers, facilitating knowledge sharing within a strong METS cohort and providing the skills needed to export. Global opportunities will be fostered through a strong export strategy, leveraging relationships with mining houses, business matching, market intelligence and showcasing VIC METS expertise internationally.

Activity title

Activity overview

Start date:

End date:

Vic METS Export Hub Network Formation

Engage key stakeholder and hub members


Ongoing activity

Map Regional METS Supply Opportunities

Assess export capabilities of regions


Ongoing activity

Build Online Tools & Collaboration Resources

Unlock knowledge silos and promote collaboration


Ongoing activity

Export Advice and Guidance

Connect participants with sources of knowledge


Ongoing activity

Vic METS Export Hub Launch

Official launch of the Vic METS Export Hub



Export Strategy Development

Export strategy designed around hub participants



Development of Mentorship Program

Establish expert panel of mentors to work with Vic METS Export Hub members on specific international markets


Mentors are in place. Mentoring activity is an ongoing activity.

Latin America – Post COVID-19- 19 Opportunity Webinar

Webinar in partnership with Global Victoria to understand opportunities in Latin America post Covid-19.



Geelong Information and Insights Event

Event in partnership with the Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) to promote the benefits of the Export Hub and what it can offer new members.



Bendigo Information and Insights Event

Event in partnership with the Bendigo Manufacturing Group (BMG) to promote the benefits of the Export Hub and what it can offer new members.



Ballarat Information and Insights Event

Event in partnership Regional Development Victoria (RDV) to promote the benefits of the Export Hub and what it can offer new members.



Stawell Information and Insights Event Event in partnership Regional Development Victoria (RDV) and local development officers to promote the benefits of the Export Hub and what it can offer new members.   01/05/2021 Planning for November after covid restrictions ease
Latrobe Valley Information and Insights Event Event in partnership Regional Development Victoria (RDV) and local development officers to promote the benefits of the Export Hub and what it can offer new members.  01/05/2021 Planning for November after covid restrictions ease

Opportunities in Africa Webinar

Webinar to outline ‘METS Opportunities’ in Africa.



Roll out of Vic METS Export Program

Rolling of a three Tier METS Export Program for export-interested companies ranging from no export experience to sophisticated exporters. The program will include:

  • International Readiness for METS

  • METS Market Growth Fundamentals

  • Accessing International Mining Supply Chains

  • Completed with pitch sessions to miners and contractors

April 2021


Connect Export Hub Members with Mentors

Connect Vic METS Export Hub Members with mentors who have ‘done it before’ in international markets to share experiences and learnings.

April 2021

Dec 2021


More Information

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Dale Thompson, Austmine's VIC METS Export Hub Lead.