Conveyor Roller Manual Handling Solution

Submissions for this challenge are now open.

The Opportunity

This challenge relates to the manual handling of conveyor rollers and seeks to establish hard controls for both manual handling requirements and associated dropped object risks for conveyor rollers for in-field maintainers. The challenge is located at WAIO Newman Operations, WA but applies to multiple locations and operations.

This is a high frequency activity, with the following risk exposures:

  • Manual handling – hand and back injuries
  • Uncontrolled release of stored energy (gravitation) and dropped objects while working at heights and on incline conveyors

A “Hard Control” solution will be sought that removes manual handling requirements from the point of collection in field, to safely securing and traversing them on walkways and to their point of installation. This will require the ability to move rollers over rough terrain, up incline walkways and stairways and ensure that rollers are safely secured at all points.

This challenge is now closed.