CLOSED: Digital Technology Solutions for Optimising Stacking and Reclaiming Activities

Submissions due Friday 6th November 2020

Austmine and BHP invite you to submit an application for the challenge of Digital Technology Solutions for Optimising Stacking and Reclaiming Activities.

The Situation

This request relates to the process of storing iron ore in stockyards, where stackers build stockpiles and reclaimers retrieve ore for further processing. Iron ore is directed via conveyors to a particular stacker which in turn builds a stockpile. When the ore is required for further processing or loading, a reclaimer will retrieve the ore which is then directed again via conveyor to its destination.

The process of stacking and reclaiming could be prone to machine downtime and delays caused by inefficiencies of existing instrumentation and control sequences.

The Opportunity

There is an opportunity to advance the technology deployed on stackers and reclaimers with an ambition of improving and optimising their efficiency.

To assist the BHP project team with supplier identification and ideation processes, BHP are seeking supplier submissions detailing their existing or emerging market solutions aimed at enabling the following outcomes:

  • Downtime reduction by removing faults associated with legacy instrumentation and systems
  • Advanced control of machines, enabling optimal motion control and efficient operation
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Improved stockyard capacity utilisation
  • Improved machine protection through advanced anti-collision

Specific areas of interest within this opportunity include:

  • Machine vision systems, to enable intelligent movement and positioning and improved machine control
  • Integrated position measurement and control using disparate sensors
  • Advanced sequence control algorithms that improve machine efficiency

Key Parameters

Implementation Timeframe / Technical Readiness: BHP are seeking proposals that can be proven and implemented within the next financial year ending in June 2022.

The Ask

The EOI submission deadline is COB Friday 6th November 2020.

We have developed a short EOI form to facilitate a high-level submission and overview. You can complete this form here.

Our key aim from your submission is to:

  1. Understand the nature of the proposal being recommended and technology being applied
  2. Understand the technical readiness for implementation and/or pathway to readiness
  3. See supporting case study, demonstration video materials

The Process

Phase 1: Seeking expressions of Interest and high-level proposals
We have provided you with a preliminary and high-level overview of the challenge we’re seeking to solve. Our ask is for capable suppliers to provide an equally high-level expression of interest and proposal overview from which we will evaluate and shortlist a set of suppliers for the next Phase.

Phase 2: Project Team Engagement
Depending on submissions received, the BHP project team will review and shortlist submissions and directly engage with shortlisted suppliers to understand the proposal.

Phase 3: Potential Demonstration, Trial and/or Pilot
Consideration will then be given, dependent on submission viability, for the opportunity to enter processes with one or more suppliers to further demonstrate, trial and/or pilot proposals.

Submit Now

If you think you have a solution that addresses part or all of the requirements set out in the above challenge description, we want to hear from you.

Please complete this EOI submission form.

The EOI submission deadline is COB Friday 6th November 2020.

For any questions about the challenge process, please contact [email protected]

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