CLOSED: Safely Enabling Port Access for Personnel During Vessel Mooring Cycle

Companies are invited to submit a solution for the Safely Enabling Port Access for Personnel During Vessel Mooring Cycle challenge within the BHP Austmine Supplier Innovation Program.

Deadline: Friday 27th November 2020
Site: BMA Port Operations

The Opportunity

BHP is seeking a temporary solution to further improve safety through solutions providing protection during vessel mooring at BMA Port Operations.

Avoiding interaction throughout the vessel mooring cycle currently requires limiting access to the berthing area at the port. Whilst there are extensive Safety Management Processes in place to manage the safe execution of this task, the opportunity exists to further improve safety by developing a solution that enables continuation of activity during mooring operations.

Solutions are sought that enable continuity of operations whilst providing zero risk to personnel.

Submission Process

Kick-Off Webinar

Find more information about the challenge process by attending our kick-off webinar on Friday 30th October. This session does not provide additional technical scoping information, the purpose is to outline the submission process and enable questions on the overall Supplier Innovation Program.

Application Submission

To apply for the challenge and receive further technical information, please complete this confidentiality acknowledgement.

Contact [email protected] if you have any question.

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Challenge Process

Phase 1: Seeking expressions of interest and high-level proposals

We have provided you with a preliminary and high-level overview of the challenge we are seeking to solve. Our ask is for interested suppliers to provide an equally high-level expression of interest and proposal overview from which we will evaluate and shortlist a set of suppliers for the next phase.

Phase 2: Shortlisted Suppliers: Full Scope, Interactive Workshops, Written Proposal

Shortlisted suppliers will be invited to a more detailed and interactive process, working toward a full proposal. You will receive a more detailed scope, participate in a series of interactive webinars and Q&A sessions with the operational project team, and “Pitch” Sessions where you’ll outline your proposal to the team and receive feedback to then inform your ultimate written proposal. It is envisaged your proposal will be for a joint project to prove the concept, prototype and trial.

Phase 3: Award and Pilot

BHP will evaluate proposals and intend to select and award a contract to one or more suppliers for a Pilot Project.

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