BHP Tailings Challenge Announcement

This was originally published by MEKS Solutions.

We are excited to announce that the Circular Mine Consortium has been shortlisted for the BHP Tailings Challenge. The consortium is one of 12 successful applicants out of 153 contenders that has been selected for the last stage of the evaluation process. This is a great initiative by BHP to reduce and recycle industrial waste and to use all their resources more efficiently in their operations. They also aim to protect biodiversity in the places it operates and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Our consortium solution aims to achieve a near zero mine tailings waste flowsheet, based on economic principles intended to provide additional income. Our team combines Australian engineers with expertise in mining with engineers from Europe who are leaders in sustainability and recycling and tailings. The concept includes state-of-the-art technologies, current research and experience from the Circular Mine Consortium team. This is adapted into an innovative recycling process flowsheet aimed at removing the need for costly tailings dams, the associated risks and to add value by transforming tailings into products.

Tailings are reviewed as part of a resource and become an important by-product and asset to be processed and marketed. A further opportunity exists in the carbon economy to market carbon credits given the carbonation capture technology to produce construction materials and revegetation.

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