Exceed your production, cost and safety targets within 6 months using TOC

Allocate 25 minutes of your time and we will guarantee at least one great idea applicable to your situation

Most mines are struggling to reach their targets. Grades are declining and costs are higher than expected, leading to pressure to do more with less while improving on safety. Much of management's time is spent in initiatives to catch up and achieve targets. Every day they are caught up in firefighting, silo behaviours, and finger-pointing between various departments. This robs management of peace of mind and limits efforts to improve engagement.


  •  The management paradigm holding back operational performance.
  • A theory of constraints (TOC) explanation for the resulting unstable production and lower safety.
  • Insights from TOC and complexity science for quickly moving operational performance "to superflow in a spirit of calmness".
  • How a productivity platform enables the change.
  • Setting up a dual-management operating system that makes the most of what we have got and quickly adds what's missing.

Presenter: Hendrik Lourens
At Stratflow, we have developed the Productivity Platform to help miners increase operational reliability. Over 20 years and more than 90 mining interventions - have typically delivered +20% more output with the same resources. This has delivered value to Anglo American, De Beers, Gold Fields, and Glencore.

Event Details:

26 August 2021
12:00 - 12:25pm AEST
Cost: Free

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