Webinar Recording: Hybrid Power Solution Development with Aggreko

The recording is now available for Austmine's webinar with Aggreko on Hybrid Power Solution Development. 

In this webinar, Aggreko explored the end-to-end journey of providing optimal power solutions, from understanding the clients power system needs and constraints, through to its alignment with strategic corporate objectives.

Aggreko also provided insights into their process of curating appropriate technologies and system configurations, along with the triage process to unearth viable Hybrid Power Solution candidates.

Warwick O’Dell, Manager Microgrids & Storage Solutions – Australia Pacific, Aggreko
With a passion for science & technology Warwick’s always been close to innovative and emerging technologies. Over the past 15 years, Warwick’s devoted himself to energy market, data analytics and renewable energy solutions, with particular interest in energy storage.

Warwick Joined Aggreko in 2019 and leads the Aggreko Hybrid Microgrid & Storage initiatives throughout Australia and the Pacific.

Find more information about Aggreko's Hybrid Power Solutions in this brochure.