BMA Saraji Mine, Coal Sizer Teeth Removal Tooling Challenge

Submissions are now open for this challenge. 

The fixed Plant Maintenance team at BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Saraji Mine near Dysart in Central Queensland are seeking tooling technology to replicate the current practice of manual application of force, using a sledgehammer, to loosen the teeth plates on the rollers within the tertiary coal sizer.

The aim of this challenge will be to identify tooling technology to improve the tertiary sizer teeth replacement process by:

  • Reducing hazards associated with the manual application of force to loosen the teeth plates by mechanising the process (e.g. hydraulic)
  • Increasing the ability for a diverse workforce to perform this maintenance procedure task by replacing manual handling with non-weight bearing tooling
  • Improving the efficiency of the sizer teeth replacement process by introducing powered tooling, within the confines of the coal handling and processing plant. 

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