NRW Signs Agreement with MaxMine to Turn Technology Into More Tonnes

NRW Holdings’ mining division (NRW) has entered into an Agreement with MaxMine to deliver more safe tonnes for its customers, commencing with the installation of MaxMine’s technology at NRW’s $300 million Dalgaranga gold mine contract in Western Australia.

MaxMine automates improvement, and helps operators have their best day at work. The MaxMine platform harnesses cutting edge hardware, digital automation, advanced AI analytics and human powered coaching to empower mine sites to increase environmental efficiency and operationally productivity. 

NRW was seeking a mining technology provider who could provide reliable data-driven, automated optimisation of its operations on site leveraging the existing teams and fleet, in order to further its data and broader technology leadership ambition within the mining industry.

NRW has invested in building out its internal data analytics capabilities and was ready to step up its approach to partnering with service providers that are leaders in providing solutions to industrial data quality and big data analytics challenges. Additionally, a tight domestic labour market has increased operator turnover at all mine sites and is an especially challenging issue for the mining contracting segment. 

MaxMine’s technology automatically captures, enhances, and contextualises up to 10,000 times more data at open pit mining operations, relative to the industry standard fleet management system products. MaxMine’s data processing pipelines automatically contextualises all equipment, operator, and site data relative to each other, and dynamically to the conditions within the shift, such as weather, or other external factors.

MaxMine translates this contextualised site data (a digital twin), in tandem with implementation coaching, to generate tangible increases in asset productivity and reliability of equipment, through three primary improvement states; (1) Get in control, (2) Optimise Performance and (3) Ramp up production rates. These outcomes are evidenced by existing customers who experience, on average, an 11% payload increase and halve tyre costs after implementing MaxMine.