Webinar Recording: Tech Talk - Energising the Future Mine

The METS Tech Talk recording explores the emerging energy solutions in mining.

 Technologies explored include:

  •  Hybrid energy systems for large-scale power generation
  • Electrification of mobile equipment for underground and open pit mines
  • Software and processes to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs

Tech Talks

The Mining Puzzle: integration of the value chain and full stack data to drive sustainability
Eric Croeser, Mining and IX Resources Lead - ANZ, Accenture

 Transitioning your mines for the future!
Nik Gresshoff, Head of Mining, ABB

 ‘Geez, diesel is expensive'
Steve Lawn, Chief Customer Officer, 3ME Technology

 Smart Manufacturing Practices for Smart & Sustainable Mining
Prashanth Mysore, Global Strategic Business Development Director, Dassault Systemes